Interview with Fancy, moderated by Dave de Gore.
March 1st, 2000.

WALDEMAR LUZ: Hallo, Fancy ! It is a great pleasure to talk with you, and for me it means the partial accomplishment of an old dream, that will just culminate if I will have a chance to meet you personally. And one day, I hope to meet you !

FANCY: Hallo, dear Waldemar.

WL: Let me introduce myself. My name is Waldemar Luz, I'm a writer and videomaker (*). Since I heard your music for the first time, I became your fan, and a collector of all your records. And I always had the desire to do some work that would represent a homage for you.

FANCY: I'm Tess - Ric Tess, and you know me under "FANCY". Fancy is my showname in connection with my music. I'll answer your questions.

WL: It 1998 I had the idea to create a website, because of the enormous reach of Internet - and now, a Fanclub. And my site is until now a great success. It is my tribute to you.

FANCY: First, thank you very much for your job, your website and your interest. For your "Fanclub", please get in contact with Dave and Lex from ArtClick. If you like, you can do you job for all fans in your country.

WL: Thank you. The question that is the most intriguing for your fans, and the eurodance lovers: TESS (the producer of "Grant Miller", "Linda Jo Rizzo", the one who made classic remixes of "Koto", "Pet Shop Boys") and FANCY are the same person? Do you use other pseudonyms too - like "T.I.P"., "T & T", "Fix", "ELVINE" ?

FANCY: I used all these pseudonyms - every name is for a other production.

WL: Names like "Sabrina Lorenz", "Charlie Glas", "Grant Miller" are always associated with your name. Could you please tell us some words about your team, and especially about "Grant Miller", one of your great productions.

FANCY: I did my best productions with Sabrina Lorenz, Charlie Glas and Grant Miller. The success was worldwide.

WL: Recently I heard the track from Tom Spencer called "Get Love". Was that your voice in background vocal? Have you participated in other projects as singer, with or without pseudonym ?

FANCY: Yes, it's my voice in the background. These productions are completed several productions. I didn't use other pseudonyms.

WL: As a webmaster of a site, dedicated to your work, I frequently receive e-mails with questions on how to get yours old/new albums, your videos, posters, pictures, caps, bags and other things. Maybe it is possible to create a fanshop for your fans ?

FANCY: For the fanshop please contact to ArtClick. We are producing new fanarticle. You can get different things about Dave from ArtClick.

WL: Your last album "D.I.S.C.O. was awesome! Please tell your fans about your future projects, video, the next album.

FANCY: Now, I'm working for a new album. I hope, it's coming in this year.

WL: Is there a chance to see you live here in Brazil ?

FANCY: I'm very offen in other country's. Why not in Brazil too. But for one day it's very short to come. Maybe 3 or more shows. Yes, it's possible.

WL: Do you surf on Internet? I don't know whether you've already seen my website - but if you did, did you like it? Would you like to do some alteration or comment? Do you have a message for your fans in Internet and especially in Brazil ?

FANCY: Yes, your website it's a better than our in Germany. Dave show me your website. I'm very surprise about your job and the interest over many years. I wish all my fans the best and maybe I can give a concert in your country, we all could meet us. It could be a big party !

WL: A last word: I would like to keep my website the most complete source of the information about you in Internet. I tried to collect the information about your work during many years, but a lot of things are still just doubts. I would appreciate if you could help me to complete the list of your productions and old projects.

FANCY: Waldemar, for your question, please write to Dave. He is my right hand in my business.

WL: Thank you very much for the interview. Your fans are waiting for your new releases in anxiety.

Long life FANCY !!

FANCY: Thank you once more, bye bye...

(*) Today I work in a bank and a union

Dave & Lex de Gore, 02/12/2000, Cityhall in Rostock.
Photo by © Kati Schuster, Germany