Fancy Biography

Ric Tess was born on July 7, 1946, at midday in the gynaecological clinic in Munich, Germany. He was born into a farming family and since early childhood, he demonstrated signs that he was destined for a life in show business. Tess grows up in a city named Lengenfeld. Later he returns to Munich.

When he was in the third year of primary school, he made his first steps towards working in the music industry: the children’s choir of a Bavarian broadcast under the direction of Josef Brueggemann. But this musical experience concluded in disaster. However one must not connect this fact with his move from his primary school, to a cloistral monastery boarding school. This is rather more to do with his parents beliefs and religion. The monks followed a strict regime. Pupils were forbidden to speak during meal times and all forms of music, with the exception of classical music, were banned. In secret, Tess and his school friends listened to Ted Herold and Peter Kraus.

All things forbidden was to hold a particular attraction for him. In all other respects he had his hands full studying ancient Greek and Latin. He was not a big fan of these languages; sport and music were to prove more exciting to him. At the age of twelve he began to play the guitar. His time at the monastery ended and he returned to Munich where he passed, with ease, his entry exams to the national Theresien High School there. He continued his Latin and Greek studies - still today Tess can write beautifully the Greek letters. At school, he was selected not only as a class speaker, but considered the "clown" of the class as he has a great sense of fun. At first he was a studious pupil, but his interest in music increased. Not only as a composer, but as performer he continued to develop. On school trips and at other times he continued to practice the guitar. During his time at high school and thereafter Tess practises his craft, sometimes as a guitarist, sometimes a bassist, but mainly as a singer.

His first attempts were quite problematic. His parents were not inspired the direction he was going in. Like many parents, they dreamt of a career for him as a minister or at least a physician. There was daily conflict at home and one night he spent a most uncomfortable night in the cellar at his home.

After his graduation and a few jobs, Tess established some bands: Mountain Shadows, Starfighter, Alpha Alpha. The bands interpreted the biggest hits the time, influenced mainly by the music of Cliff Richard. After this period he works as Disc Jockey and started his career as master of ceremonies: a actor and comedian at heart, shows all his faces in his live-shows. He does so with tempo, perfection and sympathy.

But music is his passion and he don't stop to try enter for the music-business. The determination of the young artist to make its proper compositions and productions called to attention of some company of the musical market. In the early of 70s the german label Hansa began a partner with Tess, and he is an allround-talent: composer, lyricist and producer. Under the name Tess Teiges release more singles and is great success, even appears on the TV Serie "Die Drehscheibe" (28. April, 1970).

Tess's apprenticeship years were completed he came into contact with many novice producers who were to be world famous in years to come including Giorgio Moroder and Frank Farian. At the end of 70s form the group Leonardo and Planetary Vision and always looking out for new talents produce many artists like Red Face and Sabine Sauvant. Also became a part of the duo Kess & Tess.

But slowly Tess begins to consider again a solo career as a singer. In the early of 80's he develops a partnership with Todd Canedy and they begin to work on a sound with a fantastic beat to dance to: a demo of Slice Me Nice is produced; the final mix is recorded in September 1983 (and the name FANCY is created) and released in February 1984. By July it climbs up the charts. During this time Fancy builds the "Lakeside Studios".

This formidable debut is followed with more classics: Chinese Eyes, Get Lost Tonight and L.A.D.Y O. (co-producer with Anthony Monn) Fancy’s first two albums Get Your Kicks and Contact delight his fans and prove to be timeless classics that epitomise the genius that is Fancy: the voice of an angel, beautifully crafted lyrics, delirious melodies and a mesmerising beat.

In 1985 Fancy appears on French television for the first time. It is this appearance that launches his international career. He performs in other European countries and then makes his first live performances in the USA. In 1985 Fancy’s masterpiece, Bolero (Hold me in Your Arms Again) is released. It literally infects Spain for the whole year, staying at No. 1 for a staggering 6 months! The Spanish media were so enthused, that at a record company presentation and press conference, Fancy found himself speaking into more than fifty tape recorders at once. The next day regardless of where Fancy tuned the dial on his car radio, he was on the air.

Raul Orellana, the Spanish DJ, made a megamix called Bolero Mix using Fancy's song as the principal track.

Using the name Timerider, Fancy wrote and produced the instrumental song "Cocoon", which was used in the UK as the theme for the popular late night music show, The Hitman and Her, presented by Pete Waterman, famous for Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions and for team and PWL Records. Cocoon is also included as soundtrack on the movie "The Fruit Machine".

During 1985-86, Fancy performs in the USA, Sweden and Germany in the most famous dance clubs. He also releases, using the pseudonym Ringo, a cover of the Divine classic, Shoot Your Shot. Lady of Ice is rewarded with a gold disc in Scandinavia and China Blue is performed on prime time TV on the ZDF Hitparade.

Preparations for his new album Flames of Love began in the autumn of 1987, and at the beginning of the same year, Fancy completely captures the Polish TV audience with his performance of the title track. They even went so far as to reschedule their Saturday night programme to make room for a second performance!

In 1988 the timeless classic and title track from Flames of Love is released. It is written by the brilliant team of Fancy, Sabrina and Weindorf. This partnership was to be long standing and responsible for some of Fancy’s best recordings. He promotes the album across Europe - throughout Germany and on to Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Warsaw, Amsterdam and even Dallas and San Francisco.

On this third album, Fancy also presents compositions of his own productions. The fact that he also conceived and realised the video for the track Flames of Love which had its debut on Tele 5 (a German private TV broadcaster), clearly demonstrates that the man from Munich in no way conforms to the stereotype of the test-tube artist.

Concerts and TV performances in the USA, Canada and across Europe during this time keeps Fancy busy, but he still finds time to compose and produce for others artists. He produces hits for Grant Miller, who was to be his long time protege, and for Essence, Ingela, Beat Boy, Tom Spencer, Mozzart (Hansi) and Linda Jo Rizzo. Fancy records his productions in partnership with the German labels Metronome, ZYX and Hansa. He was prolific during the 80s decade; he was the name and the genius behind so many classic Euro tracks. Whatever Fancy touches turned to gold. For each different style of production Fancy adopts a different pseudonym. So Elvine, Toss, T&T, TIP, Fix are born. As DJ or remixer, he made new versions for old Italo Disco hits like Koto, Scotch, Den Harrow. And in his private life, become a talented painter.

During his shows that lasted for approximately 50 minutes, Fancy used a playback and divided the floor with two dancers. His style of music and the type of arrangements do not allow for ‘live interpretations’. All the same, his shows are full of life and energy. To gauge how successful Fancy was at this time - ponder this: a famous German automobile company had a concept to nominate one of its new car models with the mark "Fancy".

At the end of 1988 Fancy releases Fools Cry a new superhit available in two different versions. A video is filmed to promote the single, an edited version of which appears on the new format CD Video Single. Two compilation albums are also released; the first Gold is a collection of hits; Gold Remix is the same album re-edited for dance clubs. Although his music belongs to the dance style, popular mostly among the young, Fancy's music crosses the age barrier and his fans are of all generations.

In 1989, Fancy releases his new album, the simply sublime All My Loving, produced entirely by him. Angel Eyes is the main song from the album, but each and every track is wonderful. The 12" extended version of Running Man is released in lambada-style version, due to the popularity of this latino rhythm all over the world in 1989; it further demonstrates versatility in terms of productions. Produce the single "Ich Hab' Angst" to Dorkas Kiefer and is the third classified in Gran Prix de La Chanson - Eurovision.

Also in 1989 he records some tracks that do not appear on the album - No Tears, Follow Me and Go Cha Cha. These tracks that appeared only on singles are considered as entrancing masterpieces in the Hi-NRG universe. In same year Fancy also wrote and produced the awesome Lost in Paradise for Grant Miller.

The dawn of a new decade arrives. Fancy remains the "King of Disco". His first hit of the decade is When Guardian Angels Cry, a thundering success that shakes the disco-world. The new album, his fifth and simply titled Five, demonstrates that Fancy is still an innovator. With this album, he brings to his fans songs with a contemporary rhythm and style. Five also contains the brilliance of C'est La Vie and In the Rain Again (originally produced by Fancy for Grant Miller) among others.

In 1991 Fancy anticipates all the rap/dance wave that overwhelms the dancefloors in the following years. Fancy leaves Metronome, and his sixth album Six - Deep In My Heart, is released by ZYX. This album includes 5 of his greatest hits from the mid 80s, remixed in a Rap/Hip-House style, and 3 more new songs also in the rap-style. The vocals on the rap tracks are by Steve D 5. Despite this new sound there are some real Fancy classic HiNRG tracks on Six: Love in Japan, Soul for Sale and the gorgeous Push and Shove of Love, written by Tom Carabba, for whom Fancy produced a great track called The Deliverance in 1989.

During next three years Fancy writes the book "Popstar, Clown & Philosoph" and releases three singles followed by videos: Love Has Called Me Home, No Way Out (both released by Polydor in 1993) and Long Way to Paradise (1994, by Koch International). The latter, a true masterpiece is released in two formats, one including a special dance version.

Produce two singles for the Italo Disco popstar Den Harrow and don't stop to launch new artists: Red Wire, Kim, Backgammon, Himmelblau...

In 1994 a compilation album is released. It features original radio versions and some remixed versions of his hits from 1984-94. It’s Me is released by Koch International and tantalises the listener with Wait By The Radio, a truly terrific Fancy song.

Looking for new routes, in 1995 Fancy releases his seventh album, Blue Planet Zikastar. The most curious detail about this album is that it is recorded by "Fancy and Band", and not simply under the name Fancy. This album includes tracks, recorded in a classical pop-style (Again & Again, which was also was released on video, and I Can Give You Love), bold (Blue Planet, Magic), dance-style (The Big Dust). Fancy still comes back to his disco-roots with a beautiful song Prince of Darkness. Two tracks from this album are produced by the disco legends Bolland & Bolland, who are responsible for diverse mega-hits in the history of dance music (the German singer Falco and others).

In this period, Fancy releases 4 alternative versions of The Big Dust, mixed by Marco Fungo, highly delirious and great sounds for the dance floor! The album also includes a gorgeous instrumental track called Sarmoti, dedicated to Fancy’s friends the stars of Las Vegas, magicians Siegfried & Roy, for whom Fancy would produced some albums in the mid-90's, all of them released by ZYX, Germany.

In 1996 Fancy releases a new album, Colours of Life, under the label G.I.B. Records. Fancy arrives at 50 years of age in top form, mixing 90s dance tracks (Changing My Ways), catchy pop songs (Deep Blue Sky, Memories), flirting with reggae (Money), Hi-NRG (Way of Freedom) and finally the delicious NRG/Rap (Colours of Life - So In Love). For Deep Blue Sky Fancy also makes a beautiful video. At the end of the same year Fancy releases another album on the same label. Christmas in Vegas contains original seasonal songs and peppered amongst these are some moments of brilliance: The Diceman, for example. There’s also a fantastic stomping Elvis cover, Can't Help Falling in Love. This album shows Tess in majestic form, a great mix of styles and as always, the voice of an angel.

In 1998 there is a huge revival of the Eurodisco sound and HiNRG disco of the 80s. It permeates the dancefloors all over Europe where once again the sounds of Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue and of course Fancy, king of them all can be heard….. Fancy goes in search of a contemporary sound to embrace his classic sounds, to introduce his timeless classics to a new generation. He collaborates with David Brandes and Felix Gauder (from E-Rotic band). Again rap stretches are included in his songs (raps by G-Zero), and the beat becomes faster and stronger. Fancy places his Mega-Mix '98 in the charts, and his new album, Hit Party is also a success. Actually, he had at same time two albums in the charts: Best Of and Hit Party!

Before the end of 1998, there is a surprising re-release of the magnificent album Blue Planet Zikastar (1995) under the name Blue Planet, with two bonus tracks: Long Way to Paradise in an excited '99 version made by Chris Le Blanc and Wait by the Radio.

In 1999 a new, phenomenal album is released: D.I.S.C.O. is a close collaboration with the 'Brandes/Gauder' team. Fancy writes three new songs for the album, Japanese Girl, Cirque de la Lune and the superlative Everlasting Dance, together with Jennifer Brannigan and John O'Flynn. It is simply the best Eurodance release of the year!

In November Fancy writes a poetry book dedicated to Siegfried & Roy. He also launches his official website on the internet. On another website, he is awarded a special prize: the Canadian Eurodance website, Streetsound Hi-NRG’s Millenium Project names Flames of Love as the best song of the millennium.

In January 2000, Fancy writes We Can Move A Mountain and enters it to represent Germany at the Grand Prix Eurovision de La Chanson (Eurovision Song Contest). It comes 5th.

In June, the wondrous new album, Strip Down is released. It has an eclectic collection of delirious sounds, with some real classic Fancy tracks. The opening track and second single from the album, Gimme A Sign is a stomping anthemic dance floor gem, with cheeky musical references to Slice Me Nice and Check it Out! Senorita a gentle Spanish-style ballad has Fancy’s voice in heavenly form and what better lyrics can there be than: "There’s no inferno like the fire of love; the flames you can’t control. I lost the game when I touched the flame…" I Love You…What’s Your Name, also released as a single by Roxanna (produced by Fancy) is hypnotic, whilst I Need You is simply lush!

Dreams Come True containing some rap style is a gentle 50s style Shoo-Be-Doo song, and again Fancy’s voice in the chorus is just so pure. The two bonus tracks - Neverending Ride and I Can’t Forget You are worthy of a release all of their own! The album also reunites Fancy with HiNRG diva Linda Jo Rizzo in a camp but oh-so-brilliant track, How Do I Feel. Also in 2000 Fancy produces a new version of We Can Move a Mountain (to the pop-band Downtown Boys), a remix of Eartha Kitt’s Where is My Man and a song for the old German trio Die Jacob Sisters.

In 2001 Fancy returns to ZYX and releases a cover of the 1960s classic Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye which blasts itself onto the dance floors around Europe. Later in the year ZYX release a DVD: Fancy for Fans, containing some of Fancy’s promotional videos. It is followed by a re-release of Six - Deep in My Heart and a CD album Fancy for Fans. It included, Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye and Mega Mix 2000. These releases were swiftly followed by the release of Fancy’s 12th studio album - Locomotion.

Locomotion is a combination of old tracks: All My Loving (from the 1989 album of the same name), Love Has Called Me Home, from 1993 (Extra Long Dance Version); remixes of classic Fancy: Fools Cry, A Voice in the Dark; covers of 1960s classics: Locomotion, Pretty Woman, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck; and five new tracks which are just fantastic… Special mention to Why Oh Why, Die For You, Sail Away (not a cover of the 1989 track) and Keep On Going all of which make the album worth buying.

In 2002 Fancy is part of a seminar about tigers: "The Power of the Tiger" and releases a new track, a duo with the German singer Olaf Henning called "Only For L.O.V.E."

In the end of june, a surprising appearance on a German TV channel: Fancy enter on stage and sanged Bolero with German lyrics! A promo-Maxi-CD with "Hör den Bolero (Bolero)" is released in limited edition to radios, music-magazines and web sites. Then in 17.02.2003, the new album and DVD: "Best of... Die Hits auf Deutsch".

In the next years Fancy still in tour: Russia, Mexico, etc... and acquire the status of "living legend".

In 2008, it releases a new album called Forever Magic. It starts with an pre-release in Russia and in december, the offcial German edition is released, with slight different tracks and cover sleeve. Fancy also creates the FANCY FOUNDATION to prevent that Siberian Tigers to get in extinction.

In 2010, Fancy releases his FANCY & FRIENDS compilation, with some of his best productions (some tracks in new mix versions by Chigobigo) and in 2011 the re-release of 1996 Colours of Life with bonus tracks, under the name COLORS OF THE 80s.

Between the years 2010-2014 is done a great revival on Fancy career. The YouTube channel sign it more than 30 million clicks on videos of Fancy. Several collections are released, including their productions during the 70, 80 and 90 and culminates with the participation of Fancy in the TV-Show Big Brother in German TV. In 2015 is released "Shock & Show" album celebrating 30 years of a wonderful career as Fancy's name.

In 2016 Fancy announced his world tour, and begins with presentations in Peru, Argentina and Bolivia in South America.

Coming soon: 2017 World Tour | The Lifetime Achievment Award Tour.

[To be continued...]